Portsmouth Dog Park

I live along the New England Seacoast, in a town that is not exactly the most residentially friendly of places; they are more concerned about making money and are becoming more commercially driven every year.

However, we do have some gems that are just a short drive away. City of Portsmouth Dog Park located on Junkins Ave is one of them. It features two fenced areas, one for big dogs, one for smaller poochies. There is a hydrant that is set up for people to fill up water bowls, and there is even a turtle kiddie pool to use during those hot & humid summer days.

A shaded picnic table is available for our two legged patrons, with a bulletin board with magazines like Bark. There is a kid’s playground and tennis courts adjacent. Two portapottys (hmm, is that how you spell it?) are also provided…thank goodness because I plan on spending hours hanging out here during the summer.

Well, enough about my glowing review of this park ( it’s the only fenced in one I have found so far) and enjoy a picture of Mocha leaping out of his hidey hole 🙂


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